Vibrational Myotherapy

What is Vibrational Myotherapy?

Vibrational Myotherapy focuses on various vibrations and frequencies that are beneficial to muscle and other muscular skeleton systems.  These frequencies and vibrations soothe and relax tense inflamed dense tissues causing regeneration of muscular and associated tissue in a natural and healthier manner.  Studies have  shown that Vibrational Myotherapy reduces pain, inflamation and associated pathologies.


Vibrational Myotherapy also naturally targets pain causing symptoms that are associated with the inflammatory process within the problem area or injured area of the body.  

The Benefits of Vibrational Myotherapy

Vibrational Myotherapy facilitates the re-development or re-occurrence of  muscle fibres lost due to injury or disease and has been shown to reduce ongoing chronic inflammation.
These frequencies  encourage the body to signal  the needed values to address issues wherever they are needed.   

Whilst it cannot be said that this is a cure for any  complication, research shows it does help the body return to a healthier state.


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