Micro Current Facial

Micro Current Facial Benefits

Micro current facial is a therapy that focuses on the tightening of multiple muscles of the face and neck.  It aids in the creation of new muscle tissue and promotes blood blood flow to the areas, it also improves lymphatic movement that removes stagnate toxins from the face, head and neck to be eliminated from the system.  This has proven to be extremely beneficial for post operative conditions. Recovery time is amazing.   

  • Improves Tone  of Face 
  • Suitable for Most Skin Types
  • Painless Therapy
  • Immediate Benefits
  • Relaxes the muscles of the face. 
  • Reduces  tension on scalp
  • Noticeably visible results
  • Smooths Skin of Face
  • Makes You Feel Happy
  • Relaxes the Nerves of The Face

Instantly Visible Results...

Look Younger with Microcurrent

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Enhance Definition

Increase Collagen

Virtually Painless

Instantly Visible Results

  • As a result of increased perfusion, the skin experiences a renewed and rejuvenated look.
  • Stimulating the facial muscles will allow the skin to take on a noticeably smoother appearance.
  • The signal activates acupuncture points on the face that affect the entire body and generates a feeling of relaxation.
  • Micro current causes an increase in energy, which may be noticed as having a little more “spring in the step”.
  • Repeated use provides cumulative benefits.
  • The results look better and last longer
  • One single use lasts up to 7 to 10 days. 
  • Cumulative sessions provide longer lasting results. 
  • Noticeable results first visit 
  • Helps to reduce scars/scar tissue. 
  • Non-toxic, non-invasive and has no side-effects. 
  • Micro-current facial rejuvenation promotes skin natural glow, and youthful texture.

How is it done?

It uses a very low intensity direct current that produces low frequency pulses of differing waveforms. The recent research has indicated that small pulses of current are more effective at improving the condition of the skin tissues whilst being less uncomfortable for the client. Thus, proving to be an effective combination.

Ready to feel the Joy of a younger face?

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