Candida Report

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Candida Report

Candida plagues many Americans for years and there have been many supplements
proposed to treat it as well as many diets. This PDF tells the story of how I discovered
something that helped my patients conquer candida quickly.

Candida was not always as prevalent as it is in modern times. The picture below shows why candida causes so many symptoms and is so difficult to eradicate.

Candida can be anywhere in the body but once there are symptoms, it is always in the intestines. Command Central, or the point from which the damage is done, is the small

Your body completes the digestion process in the small intestines and this is where nutrients are absorbed. The candida spreads itself across the surface of the small intestines and intercepts the nutrients for its own use.

Many nutrients that are not absorbed by the candida remain unavailable to your body due to the barrier that the layer of candida creates. This causes fatigue as your body expends all the energy of digestion and gets none of the benefit. Simply going on a restrictive diet, makes this barrier thinner but it is still a barrier. Further, candida can also configure itself into a ball.

The candida at the core of this ball can be dormant and persist despite your efforts at dietary restrictions. Candida can also assume the form of spores that can go long periods without nutrition only to create misery just when you thought you got rid of them.

Candida are able to produce chemicals that mimic cravings and devastate your efforts to heal. For these reasons, candida is like a curse. Once it is established, it takes over.
Most interventions do not address the candida’s defense mechanisms

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